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Two Weeks Before Move

At 14 days out, you’ve got less than 12 days to pack to cause your last two days are going to be taken up by cleaning and packing bits you missed. With two weeks to go, you’ll probably want to consider telling your mobile phone provider that you’re moving and consider letting your regular clients know that you’ll have a new address.

Most businesses have items shipped to them – if your suppliers deliver to you regularly, you will need to contact them to let them know that your address is changing. You may also want to contact your mail provider – and if necessary, arrange a mailing redirect.

Mailing redirects are a great way to make sure you don’t lose your mail without having to remember or track your mailings.

You should always confirm with the post office depot in question what this redirection service covers and whether it’s available to you. They will advise you on how best to take care of this, and probably advise you of anything that can’t be redirected, such as parcel deliveries from third party delivery companies.

You should never redirect your significant bills, such as your bank statements, credit card statements, notices of payments from people.

Anything that can be used as ID – with the increase of identity theft on the rise, it’s essential to consider what you’re going to be leaving behind when moving.

You can’t guarantee that the people moving into your old home will forward your billing information or other sensitive documents.

So it’s essential to ensure you know what you’ve got to transfer and keep a list so that you can mark off what you’re transferring bills.

By now, you should also consider paying any deposit if you haven’t done so or made arrangements to do so already. From here on in, your move is most probably assured, and things should seem a bit more secure.


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